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Get feedback from anyone

Use 360° Peer Reviews and other survey tools to see what you're doing great, what your blindspots are, and where you have improvement opportunities.

Make changes together

It's a lot easier to make improvements when you work with your peers. Shared goals and public actions can motivate you to the next level.

Track progress for life

Follow your improvement trends and watch your behavior change over time. You keep your data even if you change jobs, move across the globe, or do your own thing.

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Performance enhancing tools

360° Peer Reviews

Get feedback from anyone. Today. For free. See more

Shared Actions

Accomplish goals, quite bad habits, discuss behavior with friends and co-workers. See more


See how your team or company stacks up against your peers and competitors. See more


Shine a light on awesome people. See more


See aggregated data of how your team behaves as a unit. See more

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For Everyone

Cosight is for you. Individuals can easily get personal or professional feedback from anyone. It's fast, free, and requires almost nothing to sign up. Your data is confidential, and it's yours forever. You'll also be able to track changes over time, even if you change jobs or do your own thing.

Fast feedback

Free forever

Simple and easy

For Teams

Combined team rating

Team benchmarking

Team trends

Cosight is for teams. Team View combines the 360° Reviews from all members into one aggregated view for the entire team. That way every team member has a clear view of how the team behaves as a unit. Then you can see where the team is strong, and where it has gaps. And you can track this over time or compare it to other teams.

For Companies

Cosight is for companies and large organizations. Leadership gets a consistent view of how the organization is doing overall. People within the organization can follow trends and see how the company stacks up against peers or competitors. HR leaders can see individual ratings between people (if they opt-in) so it's clear where training or recognition opportunities are.

Corporate tools

Daily vitals

HR view

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Here are some of the benefits our customers talk about

Super Simple

Feedback that's easy to ask for, easy to give, and easy to digest

Crystal Clear

Data that's understandable, relevant, and trackable forever

Always Actionable

Our goal is to be useful enough to facilitate positive change

Control your own improvement

At Cosight, you always own your data - not your team or company. Our packages are free for life, there are no minimums to start, and your data stays confidential - why not start today?

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